Related news, they just announced a sequel to Batman: Arkham Asylum. See the trailer here.

Hmm. Very busy with work this week, which I’m sure you know from your own experiences, is total bullshit. I spent yesterday, a Saturday mind you, writing a marketing story about umbrellas. Today, it will be a marketing story about nonprofits. Tomorrow, I will be writing about yoga apparel and cheer/dancewear (yes, that is a real thing, I swear). I don’t really much mind working on the weekends (except that I totally do), it’s more that I hate rushing my writing. Rushed work, for me at least, always turns out poorly, which makes me depressed. Depression for me manifests in eating bags of Chex Mix while watching Dennis Quaid movies on AMC and thinking of ways I can become a welfare cheat. End result: I become a more terrible person from working hard, though only slightly (when not overworked afterall, I still do love me some Dennis Quaid).

Enough with the self-indulgent blather. Let us move on to more interesting things, like …

RSS READERS! Does anyone have any recommendations? I am just starting with the RSS fun, using Google Reader, but if anyone has any other suggestions, I would love to hear them!

… OR HOW ABOUT FLASH GAMES? Lately I’ve been playing Monster’s Den: Book of Dread on Kongregate. It’s a pretty fun old-school dungeon crawler. I like it because you can play it really small bits because it auto-saves after every encounter. It’s a little challenging and there’s a decent amount of strategy in skill and party choice, but it can also be a bit repetitive like other old-school RPGs, so heads up on that.

WAIT! YOU WANT TO TALK ABOUT OUR SITE DESIGN? I’M DOWN FOR THAT! You guys periodically speak up and gives us pointers on things Dana and I should improve on the Web site, and we love that. I’m hoping that over Christmas, the new site is either going to be up, or well underway. Off the top of my head, here is what will be showing up on the new site:

  • Bigger, brighter logo, navigation and menu buttons
  • A new color scheme and “look”
  • Reworked social networking/subscription buttons to make them more intuitive and easier to find (sort of in place now, but we’re going to be adding more, making things clearer, and fixing up the left sidebar as well).
  • Fixed-up left sidebar with new links and buttons
  • Addition of right sidebar, which we’re going to put a link roll, something like, “Friends,” “Dana Likes,” and “Mike likes”
  • Random comics button, as well as possibly a “help transcribe” button from ohnorobot
  • Separate comicpost/newspost areas in the blog, letting us add news without posting a new comic
  • Some kind of Fav icon for our site in your browser bar, as well as your favorites folder

Other features will be added later on, like custom art for our search landing page, a characters page, and maybe a prettier archive, but those improvements are slated a bit further off. If you have any suggestions for other things we should add, please don’t hesitate to say so!


  • Dropkick Murphys–”Amazing Grace.” No song will make you want to kick ass more, and put you in a good mood besides.
  • Jonathan Coulton–”Someone is Crazy.” Male or female, I’m sure you’ll be able to relate to this hilarious song about a psycho significant other. Also, there’s a banjo, so win/win here.
  • Grand Buffet–”Americus (Religious Right Rock)”–Catchy little rap song with the best chorus ever. Teaser: Here is the first line, “I’ve got a shirt made by little girls’ hands in a little warehouse on a little island.” Fantastic.

<3 Mike