This comic will become less funny once Michael Bay sees it and uses it as the script for Transformers 3.

Not too much new to report this week. Dana and I are more or less done with the new site designs, so that’s exciting I suppose. I’m going to be very busy with work for the next few weeks, but I still expect the new look to be popping up in the not-too-distant future.

MUSIC TIME (a.k.a. “Songs that Mike is listening to):

Jonathon Coulton: “Code Monkey.” Even though it’s about computer programming, I’m sure 99% of people who work in a office will appreciate the sentiment of the song. 

MC Lars: “Mr. Raven.” A half-silly/half-rad rap interpretation of the old Edgar P. poem.

Mike Birbiglia: “You’d be surprised.” A great stand-up comedy track that rambles a bit but still kicks ass (wait for the part about awkwardness). Also, if you’re wondering, the rest of the album is just as strong.

<3 Mike