I think we can all agree a more predictable interpretation of the above title perhaps would have made for a more interesting comic, and least in some aspects.


Perhaps I mentioned this too early before, but now it is a safe thing to say: I’ve finished up inputting all the comics into our search database. If anyone would like to give it a test, it would be much appreciated. Please let me know if you can’t find what you’re looking for, or if you’re getting results that you do not want. The search field is located in the lower-left sidebar, beneath the ad.

With business aside, let us move on to traditional pleasantries. I hope that everyone, or our American readers at least, had an excellent Thanksgiving weekend. Mine was quite nice, full of delicious meals and nearly zero family drama (Hooray!). Perhaps I could have been more productive, though I suppose that could be said of any long holiday break. I think we can all agree, on days meant for pie and samplings of gravy, family, friends and recreation are just as important as finishing the great American novel or finally cleaning all that damn crap out of the attic. That said, here are some interesting things I would like to share:


A damn Ravage USB drive, AKA the jaguar that Soundwave used to shoot out of his chest. Rest assured, before this day is over, I will have bought this. Yes, I do own two USB drives already. Yes, they both are technically better than this drive. Yes, I do rarely use USB’s in the first place. But guys, listen, this thing will look totally awesome on my desk. Like, really awesome.


Here are a few songs that I am currently enjoying, arranged in no particular order. Forgive me if they are older finds, I discover most of my tunes through Pandora, so some of this music might not be exactly reeking of newness:

  • Anti-Flag–Hymn for the Dead. I try really hard not to like Anti-Flag, but this song is really catchy.
  • Five Iron Frenzy–At least I’m Not Like All Those Other Old Guys. I guess Five Iron Frenzy is some kind of Christian Ska Band? I certainly don’t know anything about that, but the singer has a nice set of pipes on him and the song is very relatable for anyone my age who used to describe themselves as “punk.”
  • The Vandals–I’ve Got an Ape Drape. Mullet humor still has some punch to it, I swear.
  • Plastic Little–Steven and Billy. Boy, what a fun rap song. Favorite Lyric? “Let’s party like the Death Star just blew up.”
  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs–It’s Blitz. Yeah, I know it’s a whole album, but it’s a nice little time. Give a few of the singles a listen on Myspace or whatever and see what you think.


I’m still plodding through Dragon Age, but in the mean time I thought I would share another little link. Desktop Tower Defense is free flash game that also happens to maybe be the best tower defense game I’ve ever played. You have a lot more freedom than you do compared to other games of the genre, and gameplay seems to be balanced, or at least fair overall, besides. It’s a little addictive, so heads up on that.

<3 Mike