O’Reilly would be so hurt if he ever found out about this secret affair, so don’t tell anyone, okay?

This week marks our last Glenn Beck comic. Hooray! Not that Dana and I don’t like these comics, but I think we will both be glad to be writing and drawing things that don’t force us to focus on something we hate with relative passion. So, after this week, it’s back to standard Lead Paint fair of comics focused on dragons, girls in bikinis, anxiety, and what would happen if you had to race your 3rd grade teacher through different periods of time, starting with the Cretaceous.

Before departing from Neo-Con land entirely however, I do want to share a few Glenn Beck parodies. Consider them the delicious fortune cookie and orange slice after a fine dinner of teriyaki chicken, mu shu vegetable, and pineapple rice.

The first is a clip from the Daily Show last week, with Jon Stewart doing a killer impersonation of Beck for like eight minutes.

The second is from The Onion, which draws an odd parallel to today’s comic. Great minds think alike I suppose.

The third is an Otter playing with a rock, being unreasonably cute. This has nothing to do with Glenn Beck, but will hopefully cleanse our souls of his horrible taint.

Beyond videos about little pig eyes and otters, not much to report. I’m still working on building a new search feature into the site, but haven’t made much headway since I’ve been focused on extra writing instead (Dana and I are working on building a backlog of content, in case of illness or miscellaneous life woes). The new search is neat though, and also possibly open to improvement from readers, so that’s something to look forward to I guess. Expect that, as well as new social media buttons to appear in the next few weeks.

<3 Mike

 Post-script: If anyone is wondering, Dragon Age: Origins is incredible. I’ve got it for the 360, and am currently dealing with some undead who are being real jerks in a castle that doesn’t belong to them. If you’re down with RPGs at all, you need to go grab this game.