A valid question Mr. Beck. Why is it always fish torsos?

First things first: We are moving our Facebook group over to a fan page. It has a few more features we like over the old group, and will also be a great way to receive update reminders and other Lead Paint news. I know some of you use RSS to keep up, and others just remember to come visit every week, but Facebook is proving to be a good way keep our readership in the loop as well. You can click on the “facebook” link to the left or this one here.

Now, on to the good news. We received two very kind, and perhaps overgenerous, donations over the weekend. I can’t quite decide if it’s awkward and a little weird to thank our donors publicly, but I suppose it’s better to be clumsily grateful as opposed to some tactful asshole. So, thank you once again to the two of you who donated to the comic over the weekend. We aren’t too far from being ready to drop some money on advertising, and your donations will be an enormous help in paying for ad space.

I also want to thank everyone, new and old, who has been keeping up with the comic and commenting. I’m sorry that I haven’t been able to keep up with my end of the conversation. I’ve just finished up a very difficult move, so my time has been has been cramped lately. I’m all done now, so once I get Internet in my new place, I should be around a bit more.

Beyond that, it’s the same old same I guess. Still playing through Batman: Arkham Asylum. It’s still great. The game rates my progress at about 50%, which is slightly amazing because I feel like I’ve already done a ton in the game. I just finished up a really neat part with the Scarecrow. I suppose saying that you have to deal with the Scarecrow’s fear gas isn’t really spoiling anything, as that’s kind of his one note, but the hallucinations they cause are really well done and a pretty cool change of pace in the game.

In semi-related Batman news, I was reading through the Elseworlds comic where Batman becomes a vampire (I’d look up the title, but sadly, I am writing this without Internet and do not own the comic). I was pretty neutral to the comic as a whole, but of note is how it makes use of the ideas of “good vampires,” pretty similar to True Blood and Twilight. The comic was printed in 1991, which I know is before Twilight, but I’m unsure as to when the “True Blood” books were first published.

Not so much for the sake of “writer cred,” pointing fingers at who was influenced by who, but I was just curious as to where the idea came from first, be it from any of the mentioned books, or another source with which I’m unfamiliar. Did some writer just wake up one day, all like, “Holy shit, what if vampires were good? I could make a career out of this idea!” (cue “cha-ching noises). Or, was it some weird collective unconscious thing, where everybody kind of figured it out at the same time? If anyone has any insight into the source of friendly blood-suckers, I would appreciate a little knowledge being passed my way.

<3 Mike