Ahem. I guess we won’t be finding out until next week. Until then, let us talk about things that are good.

Batman: Arkham Asylum is still great. I’m a bit farther in, getting ready to face off with the Joker for the first time. As you advance in the game, you unlock new gadgets, which is neat because it keeps things a little fresh as you move along through Arkham Island. Plus, you “level up” every so often, which opens up a bunch of upgrades each time. It’s neat because you can pick from things like being able to throw two batarangs at once, proximity detonation for explosives, or a new takedown to use on dudes who are crazy enough to fight you. All the upgrades are situationally valuable¬†more or less¬†equally, so it gives you a lot of choices for how you want to approach the game. Bottom line: If you’re into that kind of RPG strategy, the upgrade decisions are a pretty decent source of fun.

The second episode of FlashForward I thought was still pretty weak. Maybe slightly better, but overall it was still painfully linear and forced. Combine that with some fairly atrocious dialogue and goofy acting, and it’s starting to look like I may not make it through my 3+ promised episodes.

I saw Zombieland last night. Overall I liked it. I wish it had less of a romantic subplot, and I thought the middle kind of lagged, but if you like zombie movies at all, I’d still classify it as “must see.” Of note is that my girlfriend also liked it, and she’s really not crazy about gore, which this movie has plenty, so I think the film is decent dating material. If you want a short, quick overall rating, I’d give it an 8/10. For reference, Shawshank Redemption would be a 10/10, and Dark Knight would 9/10.

I also saw The Invention of Lying (a lot of movies for a weekend I know). It was okay. Interesting conceptually and had some neat parts, but overall wasn’t that funny. Oddly, Jennifer Garner, whom I normally loathe, was the best part of the movie. Not only was she able to keep both her eyes pointing in the same direction, she actually did some acting. It’s weird I know. I’d go 6/10 for the film, but J. Garner and small part for Edward Norton bump it up to a 7/10.

<3 Mike