Did anyone else have a crush on Dagwood’s wife as a kid? No? Moving on …

Watched Flash Forward this week. It was okay I guess. I don’t know, I kind of like the premise, but I feel like the structure of the story is all wrong. The plot and people’s reactions are too rushed and spelled out. I guess “overly-expository” would be my official complaint? Too soon to make a full judgement of the show I suppose, but so far I’m not crazy about it. It has two more episodes to hook me in.

On to news of the awesome: The Dollhouse premier was great. Definitely uping the ante from season one. I’m not going to beat the Dollhouse drum every week (except for maybe the finale), but seriously guys, start watching this show. Except for the first three or so episodes, the show is well-crafted around an interesting but flexible premise, emphasizing characterization and mysteries of the radical kind.

Picked up Batman: Arkham Asylum on Friday. Dear. God. The game is incredible. I’d tell you about how good it is, but basically I’d be writing about every single thing in the game. Here is my brief pitch:

Combat? Amazing. It’s got a Tony Hawk-like premise of chaining combos that is so fun and challenging without being frustrating.

Boss fights? Pretty darn cool. Batman has maybe the best rogue’s gallery of any superhero, and most of his villains seem to be in the game. Diverse fights have made them all memorable so far.

Voice acting? Most of the cast from the amazing cartoon show of our youth (Mark Hamil, Kevin Conroy, etc.)

Script? Paul Dini is UP INS.

Things that make games bad, like tiresome inventory screens, ammunition and health hassles, or useless maps? Nope, none of that here.

Extras? God, there are so many. Mini-games that are really fun, like seeing how many dudes you can beat up at a time; character profiles, Arkham interview tapes, and a few other little things.

Can you solve mysteries? Yup. Tons of awesome gadgets? So many. Fly with your cool cape? Uh huh.  Zip line all over the place? Heck yes. Sneaky stealth stuff? Mmm-hmm. Beat up like 10 guys at once using your crazy martial arts skills? Damn straight.

I could go on, but seriously. If you own a damn Xbox or PS3, go pick this up. Now.

<3 Mike

Post Script: Sorry for the bit of lateness everyone. We had some time-space issues in the Lead Paint offices, but every seems to be back to normal now.