We’re all familiar with Rule 34, but perhaps it’s time we get to know it’s less interesting cousin, Rule #35, which states:

“For every problem that a person can possibly have, there is a person with that problem trying to find the answer on the Internet.”

I like Rule 34 better too.

This week:

Read through book 12 of Fables. Anyone who isn’t that far yet, the series starts to take interesting turns in a few ways. Like The Walking Dead, Fables is turning out to be one of those books that somehow manages to stay fresh and surprising over a fairly long run. If you never have, I once again must recommend picking up Fables and having yourself a nice little read. If you’re behind, it’s time to catch up.

Dollhouse comes back this Friday, which is not only awesome, but I didn’t realize it was happening so soon. I really liked the first season. After a few weak early episodes, I thought it turned into a fun little time. For anyone unfamiliar, the basic premise of the show is there is a secret underground facility in L.A. that houses all these people who have had their memories wiped. For a price, the caretakers of the facility, or “Dollhouse,” can program personalities onto the memory-less people, or “dolls,” and get them to do all kinds of things for the paying client. Some examples would be prostitution, jewel theft, murder, being a mom, spying, a date, kidnap rescue, all that rad stuff. As you can imagine, antics ensue basically constantly, and they’re great. Patton Oswald is an episode. It is awesome.

I imagine they’ll be putting season one up on Hulu to help promote season two, for anyone who might want to catch up.

In semi-nerd news, I’ve decided Eagles QB Kevin Kolblooks a lot like nerdcore rapper MC Chris. Discuss amongst yourselves. I need to go make myself a crabcake.

<3 Mike