I spent a good chunk of time trying to write a joke about the few Valiant Comics I have, but the best I could up with is “Valiant comics are terrible because they’re titled things like Shadow Man or The H.A.R.D. Corps,” but that’s not so much a joke as a literal observation (Seriously, what publisher signed off on H.A.R.D. Corps?).

I’d like to thank everyone again for their response sto last week’s question. If we could repeat the success of last week, I’d like to ask you all another:

Of the many things Dana and I are working, one of them is making some improvements to the Web site, both visually and mechanically. If anyone had any suggestions in either category, it would be most appreciated. I can’t speak much to the visual changes we’re going to be making, besides that I know Dana is making new buttons and logos, because, well, Dana is handling all that. I can barely match my socks most days, so I’m not the best person to be in charge of making things pretty.

Mechanically though, I can sling a little jive. I plan on putting some nav arrows on the top header bar, as I’ve had a few others comment on their absence, and I know personally, when I need to cycle through comics quickly, it’s annoying to have to go to the bottom previous/next arrows after every comic, especially since we have big comics that push the buttons way down. I have a few other surprises that we’re going to be adding for you all in the coming weeks, but as far as other technical improvements, I’m not really sure where to devote my attention. So, if anyone has any other suggestions, please let us know.

The only caveat here is that my CSS, and computer skills in general for that matter, are basically horrendous. I can tweak and shuffle and input other people’s code, but writing it on my own is really something I can’t do with much success. So, if you have a great idea, and I don’t implement it, don’t take it personally. It probably means I just can’t get the code to work, either because I can’t write it or it won’t work with comicpress.

Advice-seeking aside, I suppose I don’t have much to really update you guys with. I’m pretty excited about tonight’s True Blood, as I think there’s finally going to be some fighting. Don’t get me wrong, I like the show a fair bit, but it gets annoying after a while to watch hour after hour of people with super-strength not totally wrecking shit. It’s kind of like filming someone loading a gun, then never firing it for the whole movie.

Pandora has introduced me to MC Lars, which has been kind of fun. I’m picking my way through his catalog on iTunes, grabbing singles here and there. So far my favorite is “True Player For Real,” possibly because he mentions being a poor English major and also references Bukowski in it. Also, Weird Al plays accordion on it which takes an already distinct song and gives it a nice little nudge towards surreal.

<3 Mike