If anyone’s wondering, there were a ton of thrown-out jokes for this comic, revolving around things like a boyfriend’s new hat or tiny puppies and swallowed DS cartridges. Perhaps we will revisit this idea in the future. 

Lots of little bullet points for you all this week:

-I saw District 9 on Friday. I won’t go into too many of the plot details now, since it’s a new movie and I’m a big hater on even the smallest spoilers. I’ll just say that the movie was pretty enjoyable, probably the best I’ve seen all summer. The effects were great, and I found a lot of the background details about the aliens and their city to be clever and interesting. The main plot was a little heavy-handed, though perhaps not unrealistic, and the faux-documentary style, while great in points, also created the old Shakey McVomit Camera during a few action sequences, but otherwise I only have praise for the movie.

Also, not to rehash last week’s WE3 post, but WE3 has a lot of thematic similarities in common with District 9. I don’t know which is the better piece, and that might be a stupid thing to think about anyway, but I will say that if you liked District 9, you really should read WE3.

-Speaking of comics, my Ultimate Spider-man subscription from Marvel finally came in over the weekend. Of note to people who buy comics online: Though the direct-from-Marvel subscription is a good deal cheaper than cover price or other online stores, the book ships in a clear plastic baggy, with only a thin cardboard subscription form as backing. To compare, HeavyInk books ship in thick cardboard postal envelopes. I’m not sure if I care about that kind of thing, but I’m sure that there are people out there who do.

-I finally watched through my NOFX Backstage Passport DVD that I picked up at Warped Tour. For those into NOFX but not familiar with the DVD, it follows the band on a short world tour where they play a bunch of places that they’ve never been, and most bands usually skip. The experience was … bittersweet? Overall I liked the DVD. There were some neat and cheeky antics, some cool moments, and it was nice to see a more human side of basically my favorite band ever. But, some of the scenes seemed kind of staged, there is no concert footage more than a few seconds, and the story arc of the series seems to be more about making money and the struggles of going to these far-off places, rather than the music and what is was like to play in front of new crowds (although this is covered a bit). Mind you, I haven’t hit the extras DVD yet, but I have to say, unless you’re a huge NOFX fan, this DVD is likely of passable interest to you.

-My last bullet is really more of a philosophical question for you all. I know that some of our readers are really into Webcomics and have a bunch they like to visit. My question is: On average, how many comics on a specific site do you have to read through before you’re completely hooked? This of course assumes that comic is an equal to your other favorites in terms of quality. The reason I ask is because the Webcomics that I love and check religiously (Achewood, Penny-Arcade and Dr. McNinja) all have huge archives that I read through when I first discovered them.

Optional answer cheat-sheet:

A) Zero. All that matters to me is the comic is awesome. I would follow based off the strength of one comic.

B) Zero. I use RSS or other tools to follow comics automatically.

C) A number that is small.

D) A number that is medium.

E) A number that is large.

The reason I ask is because Dana and I are mulling ways to promote the comic. Obviously, some of those ways cost money, so we’d want to make sure that we have a good base of content before we start dumping cash. My thought was around 50 or 60 comics, but I’m curious to hear what you all think.

<3 Mike