It turns out Tenderheart’s name is fairly misleading.

If anyone’s wondering, I’ve no idea what possessed me to write this comic. I do know that when I came up with the idea, I did watch the entirety of Starship Troopers to find dialogue for the comic. It was weird because it’s actually a really fun movie, but my notetaking experience kind of tainted it and made it annoying. I had to rewind constantly to catch dialogue, and I kept coming up with different scenes for Dana to draw, sucking myself into the much-dreaded creative task of having to pick between scenarios that are likely of equal quality.

This week was not only pretty busy, but boring besides, so I don’t that I have much interesting to report. Lets see if a nice little bulleted list can’t prove me wrong.

  • I saw Rachel Getting Married last night. I can’t say I was a huge fan.  It was kind of too Drama-rama-y for me, most of the film revolving around two sisters arguing over who is more of a bitch and who has the harder life. The only plus for me was a 100% irrelevenet scene where the singer from TV on the Radio has a dishwasher-loading contest with the bug-eyed Dad. So, unless you’re into dishwasher efficiency, go ahead and skip this one.
  • I have not seen G.I. Joe, and I’m not sure if I will. The trailers do nothing to grab my interest, and even if I did, I know the movie isn’t going to be able to touch the awesome G.I. Joe Resolute, which if you’ve never seen, you absolutely need to watch, just for the Snake Eyes scenes if nothing else.
  • District Nine and The Time Traveler’s Wife both come out next weekend. I will probably be seeing both of these. The Time Traveler’s Wife might seem like a chick flick, and I guess it is, but man did I love the book.
  • The Burn Notice Finale was last week, which I enjoyed. This season was a little weird though, I feel like a bunch of villains Michael faced, especially towards the end of the season, have been especially evil. There was the one episode where child-beating was alluded to, but even beyond that, I feel like dudes will just bunch a lady or hit a wife at a moment’s notice. It’s realistic I suppose if you’re trying to create these desperate and pretty vile guys, but I really don’t think every bad guy needs to be at the absolute edge of evil every time. I miss the episodes where Mike would have to foil a bank heist or stop a car thief. You know, something fun and sassy, and maybe a dude gets kicked in the face or something. I just feel like it gets a little boring and silly when we’re faced with murdering, serious-as-hell mercenaries from Mike’s past week after week.

<3 Mike