Of course, crafting a good script from that heady perfect mix is another thing entirely. One only needs to look at the shitstorms that are Desperate Housewives or Grey’s Anatomy to really see that there’s more to entertainment perfection than hot chicks with awesome lives surrounded by death. Some quick fixes I would propose:

-On Desperate Housewives, Teri Hatcher should be a vampire. Not some vampire-lite crap either. I mean a hardcore, wolf-shapeshifting, hypnotizing, murdering-ass Dracula Vampire. All the weird and boring suburban backdrop can stay, but the main plot line of the show is about Teri Hatcher secretly trying to take over the world. And succeeding.

-On Grey’s Anatomy, it can still be a teaching hospital, but now it’s involved in all kinds of twisted genetic experiments and occasional occult happenings. So instead of drug addictions and lupus, it’s all reanimating the corpses of dead soldiers or stitching up an injured demon who had its arm cut off in a fight with an angel. An example scene:

After failing to save Katherine Heigl’s life, McDreamy seals her soul into a terrible onyx stone that binds her ghost to his will. His requirements are twofold: That she always be wearing a bikini most excellent, and she be a fantastic guitar player. The first scene of McDreamy exercising his unholy control would be him sprinting through the hospital, wild-eyed, baseball bat in hand and blood pouring down his mouth, decking everyone and everything in sight as a translucent Heigl tears through the guitar parts of Van Halen’s Panama.

See how easy that was?

-Still planning on doing the comic subscription plan, I swear, but I’ve waylaid myself a bit with over-thinking my purchases. I’ve been wondering if it’s more valuable to subscribe to a live ongoing title like USM or Daredevil, or if I should start collecting hardcovers of stuff that I know is awesome. Boring I know, but I have this persistent library-building fantasy in which I build the most amazing collection of books over the course my life that I’m sure others out there share. I’m thinking about starting with either a full hardcover collection of Y: The Last Man or grabbing Walking Dead, Invincible or early Runaways volumes. Thoughts?

Spider-man: Web of Shadows for the DS is okay. It does play very much like a beat-em up version of Tony Hawk (Thanks Activision!), but it’s definitely no Castlevania. So far, the bosses are easy, enemies much less exciting, and the lack of a grided mini-map is really annoying. And the combat, while fun and slickly acrobatic, is also fairly repetitive. I’m not super-far into the game yet, so I’ll give an update when I finish it.

Went to Warped Tour this weekend. Weird, I know, since I’m a 26-year old marketing writer and not a 17-year old girl who loves eyeliner and sneaking cigarettes. Still, it was fairly excellent. By far my favorite act was the wonderful rapper P.O.S., who actually did his whole set off stage and encircled by the crowd. It was utterly amazing, and anyone who likes things that are awesome should check out these songs: De La Souls, Stand Up, Music for Shoplifting, Ants, Goodbye and Optimist. Music for Shoplifting is probably my favorite, but Goodbye is a new song that is really good too.

<3 Mike