Alternate Title: Joy Behar munches sloppily on nuts.

In my short time on this Earth, I have perhaps spent an inordinate amount of time watching the View. It was always on either when I would come back from a run during my college years, or later on in the background when I was working on freelance or trying to find a job that didn’t involve pushing a broom. It’s such a bizarre show: almost nowhere else can you see people argue about the merits of wartime torture one minute, then the best summer barbecue recipes the next. It’s like watching a train crash into an antigravity field, while on a decent bit of acid.

I’ve put my comic subscription adventures on hold for a bit. As a reader pointed out, I have alternatives to buying directly from Marvel. Cursory investigations seem to show that these alternatives may be sexy and/or awesome. Details to follow once I take the plunge.

Related nerd news: Thinking about picking up Spider-Man: Web of Shadows for the DS, since it’s been explained to me as metroidvania that is also a bit like a Tony Hawk where you can punch all kinds of fools. You can see a kind of longish-trailer here, which looks pretty rad once you get past the slow beginning. Of note towards the end is Spider-man getting assists from Nightcrawler, as well as Spidey slingshoting himself into the ground, stomping on Carnage, totally ruining his shit.

Loosely related nerd news: I’ve been recruited at work to help promote our magazine via “social networking.” I think one of my tasks is going to be handling the Twitter account, which is awesome because I don’t really know shit about Twitter. I started a personal account over the weekend to try and scope out the scene, but I confess to being a bit lost. I’m only following seven people so far, and it seems kind of … boring? Does anyone have recommendations for fun people to follow? So far I have: Wil Wheaton, Brian Michael Bendis, Shaq, Joe Rogan and Mike Birbiglia. People who post at least half-gramatical thoughts are preferred, though I’ll make exceptions if they’re unreasonably hilarious, like Shaq for instance.