Judging from the sinister grin, Mr. Trails knows exactly what to do with the rubber hose and hacksaw. It’s not something you learn as a snailscout, to be sure. Rather, it’s much more likely Mr. Trails pick up his hose-and-hacksaw skills reading Snailmarican Psycho or renting videos from that creepy, nonfranchise video store down the street.

Related news: Next week’s comic isn’t going to have a violent punchline. Hooray!

I was pretty surprised by the amount of feedback I got about my Transformers 2 blurb from last week. I thought I would post a few more review quotes from others that I’ve found particularly interesting:

“The film is padded by an hour of completely unnecessary, worthless, offensive and repugnant sequences that do nothing but tread water” -Harry Knowles from Ain’t It Cool News. The rest of the review can be read here, of note being his point the the film was conceived during the recent writer’s strike.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is a noisy, underplotted, and overlong special effects extravaganza that lacks a human touch.” -Consensus from Rottentomatoes.com, where it currently has a 20%. Go here to read the lovely individual comments on the RT page, of which there are many.

“[Transformers 2] is like twenty summer movies, with unrelated storylines, smushed together into one crazy whole. You try in vain to understand how the pieces fit, you stare into the cracks between the narrative strands, until the cracks become chasms and the chasms become an abyss into which you stare until it looks deep into your own soul, and then you go insane. ” Someone named Charlie Jane Anders, who I found linked off Gizmodo. The full review is awesome, possibly snarkier than Ebert’s even, so I definitely recommend checking it out.

As for my next nerdy social experiment, I’m thinking about signing up for a few comic book subscriptions directly from Marvel. I’ve been a loyal comic book store guy for years, but now that I work so much, and never really socialized at the comic book store to begin with, I’m thinking mail-order comics are the way to go. Saving money + decreasing hassle should = awesomeness every time, but for some reason I feel a bit nervous. The assumption I guess being that if this is such a great idea, then why isn’t everyone else doing it?

Thinking about starting with Ultimate Spider-man, as that’s always been a tried-and-true book for me, and with the coming relaunch it should be pretty interesting for a while. I’ll be sure to let you know how everything goes.