The mother trudges along, thinking angry thoughts of ritalin baked into birthday cakes and soccer games skipped to catch up on Danielle Steele.

So, uh, welcome to our new site. This comic, while not really indicative of the humor that is to come, certainly shows off our new art style. Colin and Avery have both gotten an upgrade in the looks department, and will also be appearing in full color for the foreseeable future. Comics will be posted once a week, more or less, being uploaded on Sunday nights from this point forward.

I hope that everyone likes the new layout. There are few things to tweak here and there, but overall I think Dana did an amazing job with the new design. Please don’t mind the big, ugly gray bar in the top right. Once we reach 30 or so comics, it will (hopefully) be replaced by a nice Project Wonderful Banner.

Feel free to share your thoughts on the new art style, site design or writing with us. Dana and I can be reached at, our facebook group, or through commenting directly on the comic.

Love, lasers, and belligerent robots,

Dana and Mike