The doctor spends most of his day worrying about nipples.

We are getting pretty close to posting new content! I have about 5 more old comics to put up, and then I think we’ll be ready to post at least one of theĀ five newer comics that are basically done! I’d tell you all that I’m really excited, but I assume you’re all familiar with the exclamation point!

Creator Commentary:

Judging from the amount of positive comments and traffic we picked up on this comic, it was by far the most popular of our old work. I definitely like it a lot too, but I’ll admit that might because people actually responded to it, which is a huge thrill.

I couldn’t really tell you what made me think to write this comic, besides that I like writing about kids. I’m fairly sure I was like, “Uh, what’s a funny combination of things Avery could be drawing on a wall? Durr, how about a T-Rex and Cookie Monster as Conan?”

Dana’s art here is obviously what makes the comic, taking a pretty weird script and figuring how to make it work. A lot of our new stuff coming up is going to showcase her utterly radical skills, SO BRACE YOURSELVES FOR THAT, DEAR READERS!