The weird thing is that Steven Colbert is in the movie. The not-weird thing is that people will do anything for money. Including people who make fun of other people for doing anything for money.

Creator Commentary:

Well, this one is pretty self-explanatory I guess. I will pat myself on the back for the phrase “jiggley indigence,” if I may.

Haven’t seen much of the Alba lately. I guess she’s raising her kid? That’s pretty rad, hopefully she will stay the hell out of movies that:

A) I half-care about

B) Aren’t softcore porn.

Remember when she was cast as the Invisible Woman? Man, what a horrible thing that was. Sue Storm is maybe one of three mainstreamed comic book women that is actually interesting. For those movies, they basically took a dump on the character, loaded her into a cannon, and shot her into a huge pile of push-up bras.