Hagrid watches from the closet, sweating and gleeful.

Creator Commentary:

This is a wordier comic, but at this point Dana and I were struggling to keep up the two updates a week. I was trying to write simpler, word-based comics to make it faster for her to draw.

The idea for the comic came from two things: One, as a writer (even a terrible one), people feel compelled to tell me about anything they’re reading or writing currently. I suspect this is the same with most jobs, like people telling their accountant friends about their taxes all the time, but with writing it tends to yield stranger results.

The other half comes from this great story someone told on the Penny-arcade Forums. The link is here, but if you don’t care to read it, it’s about this horrible blind date a guy goes on with this crazy, super-nerdy girl. As creepy as the comic is, this guy’s post is a lot weirder, partially because I think it’s all true.