Joe Strummer hangs out with Johnny Cash in Heaven basically all the time. Most days they drink whiskey and pick fights with Lord Byron, but on Saturdays they play Go Fish with Oppenheimer and Betsy Ross. Much to his consernation, Oppenheimer never wins.

Creator Commentary:

Good comic with lots of words. Lots and lots of words.

Being a half journalist and full cynic, I never want to believe any reviews I read, the reason being they’re either fake or written by idiots. For some reason though, I frequently end up reading reviews and letting them more or less determine how I feel about something. Sometimes this works out, like with X3, and sometimes it doesn’t like with Juno. Man did I hate Juno.

I should add that the exception here is video game reviews. I’m talking about the classy kind, either from Penny-Arcade or a print gaming magazine. Usually, those are basically on the money.  I don’t know if this is because I have bland, predictable tastes in games, I understand the language of video game reviews better, or video games are somehow less subjective than music or other media. All I know is that music reviews make me want to kick someone in the stomach, but I’ll read video game copy like if I stare at it long enough six naked women will fall out dancing.