So I guess they’re making a Spider-Man 4? Apparently the plot involves Toby Maguire drinking gravy for 45 minutes while crying about The Dunst’s crooked teeth. He then dumps the hot gravy on a baby’s face and walks off camera. Cue an hour-thirty of CGI fighting, and the movie ends with Maguire and Dunst almost kissing.

Creator Commentary:

Needs more drawings of barbarian babes pillowfighting.

I was so bummed about comics when I wrote this (and still kind of am actually). I used to follow probably 80% of the Marvel books religiously, plus stuff like Fables and Invincible. Now, I’m so far behind on everything I don’t really know what’s happening, and when I do I get the distinct feeling it’s a story that I’ve read 100 times before. I mean, I get why Spider-man is a horrible read (because it’s Marvel’s cash cow, so why take any risks that don’t involve selling Spider-man underwear or birth control), but it sucks when I pick up Daredevil after like a year, and I’m all like “Oh, Bulleye’s back, but she’s a chick? And Kingpin is coming back again? Isn’t that like the tenth time that’s happened?”