“Did you know that our own government won’t give grilled cheese to its prison inmates, even those being held in double-secret jails? It’s true! Waterboarding, electric shocks, it’s all fair game except for sodium wads, or as some people call them, ‘Grilled Cheese sandwiches.’”

Creator Commentary:

This is one of our more popular early comics. Oddly, a lot of people are passionate about grilled cheese. The Internet is a strange place, full of people who are sexually addicted to sites like girlsreadingpoetryinthemud.com and like to post anonymous praise for this “sandwich,” which I personally wouldn’t give to a homeless man. I suppose I shouldn’t be so critical though, since I’ve spent most of my Saturday reading comics, playing Heroes of Might and Magic Three, and enjoying the free samples at girlsarguingaboutproseintheshower.com.

If you’re looking for legitimate commentary, I guess I would say that while I’m happy about the concept of the script, at the minimum I’d like to re-write all of the jokes except for the last bullet, because they are kind of long and awkward.