“‘Bussed’ is the third-most common onomatopoeia in the English language, behind only ‘chainsawed’ and ‘Ramalamading-donged.’”

So as you can see, we’re making the final changes to the layout. I’m as surprised as anyone else, but it’s starting to look like a real Web site around here. If anyone has any suggestions, thoughts or swears about the new layout, go a head and post it as a comment on one of the comics, because I sure haven’t fixed our site e-mail to the new site hosting yet. That’s on my list to do obviously, but as anyone who looks at the site for more than a second can tell, there is still a lot of broken jive that I need to fix.

<3 Mike

Creator Commentary:

A while back, Dana’s friend Tom mentioned this comic as his favorite. I forget his exact words, but they were something more or less like, “I like the “Bussed” comic, but all the rest are horrible.” At the time I chalked his comment up to eccentric sass, as he is known to be full of, since no one else had even noticed the bussed comic, and I had received many compliments about other strips we had completed (“many” is a relative term here).

Upon a few months reflection though, it’s so obvious that Tom was dead-right in his opinion. The comic is still a little too wordy, but it’s a lot tighter than many of it’s predecessors. It has a solid, interesting visual joke, and is one of the first comics where Dana is being to flex her mad art skills, in layout and character expressions both.

I think my favorite part of the comic is the last panel where Avery is shoving the guy. She’s rocking this great hadouken pose, as anyone should when attempting murder by bus.