“Lorelai will videotape it all, of course.”

Upon writing that caption over for like the 10th time now, I’m starting to realize how weird it is. Oh well, such is my brain.

Dana has all the new site buttons and stuff in for me, so all I have to is make some quick swaps and uploads, and the site should be looking a lot sharper soon. Once that’s done, all that’s left to do is burn through the old archives, and WE’LL ACTUALLY BE RELAUNCHING. I CAN’T REALLY DESCRIBE HOW HAPPY I AM, EXCEPT WITH CAPS LOCK.

Creator Commentary:

The thing I like best about this comic is this is the first one where Dana has added little extras to the comic, like the mug and the computer screen. I kind of like this comic, but that might only because of the delorean.

As far as early scripts go, this one is bad in the same way the others are. It’s wordy and somewhat convoluted. A plus here though is that the gag is a little more visual, partially hinging on the appearence of the time machine.