“Sales interns get the much easier Super Mario 1 speed challenge.”

Still shuffling layouts around on the site. Some color tweaks are on the way, and I still have a few technical things to clean up. I know that Dana has started work on the new buttons for the site, so we should have those in a little while.

Creator Commentary:

This was an okay comic I guess. This early on, I was still scrambling for thing to write about, and would just write a comic about whatever I could slap a joke together out of. I think the humor mirrors Penny-Arcade’s a bit too much, which isn’t necessarily bad, except that I did it poorly. I’d like to think what I write now is a little more idiosyncratic and fresh, thought I suppose you all will have to wait around for the new comics to see.

I did actually have an internship at a local magazine for a bit. It was super-fun, but in retrospect I mostly wish I had taken greater advantage of my time there. Considering my boss and mentor there is now basically a free-writing ninja, and I barely know how to use a hyphen, there is probably more I could have learned.