“One of the diseases is not knowing karate.”

Okay, so, the good news is that I was able to transfer the site to a new host, which wasn’t that hard but I’m not that smart. The bad news is that I didn’t backup the database, which I didn’t know stored things until 2 minutes ago. So, I’ve managed to nuke out everyone’s lovely comments, as well as all the comics and pages that I wrote. Not a huge loss, except for the comments. My sincere apologies, and if you’ll just bear with us for a little while longer, everything should be awesome to the point of being vaguely sexual, like watching a hot girl play Street Fighter 4.

Creator Commentary:

Dana and I thought it might be neat if we went through all the old comics and wrote a little “director’s commentary” type deal for each one. This particular was not the first comic we completed together, but it was the first one we thought was good enough to put up on the site. It was created a little differently than out other comics have been, in the sense that it was a concept Dana came up with (usually I write all the concepts and early scripts, then Dana and I revise them together). The dialogue in the second panel is also her creation, which is unusual in our earlier comics, and also much better than whatever I had.

I really like this comic, but I don’t know if that’s because I’m sentimental or it’s actually pretty funny. Truthfully I have a hard time gauging the humor of anything I write, since I’m the one writing the jokes, and I rarely get to hear any of the reactions.

<3 Mike